Motivate the employees’ initiative with points

Incentive Point
The reward points system is a brand new solution that can motivate everyone’s initiative with reward points. It can be flexibly applied to stabilize employees turnover rates, to enhance the loyalty of clients and to stimulate the performance of selling agents via reward trips, commodities and services.

The various rewards bring the fun of collecting and exchanging points and offer free choice to all users and this what a reward point system is all about.

How it works

Content of the reward points

  1. The administrators of the company log in with the admin ID to give the points to the user.
  2. Payout according to the points from the company.
  3. The user logs on the company’s system with his/her ID and exchanges commodities with his/her points.
  4. The coupon for exchanging commodity will be mailed to the user.

Points issuance standards

A real case of a company’s points issuance. The company can establish its points issuance standards on its own

Standard Points
Six months of continuous service 1,000P
One year of continuous service 2,000P
Three years of continuous service 3,000P
Happy Birthday 200P
Constant attendance 200P
Receiving qualification 1,000P
Excellency Prize in internal competitions 3,000P
Standard Points
Introducing a friend 500P
Business improvement proposal 1,000P
Prize of cost reduction 1,000P
Visiting the most clients in the month 500P
Submitting the most quotations in the month 500P
The team of the year with the highest sales result 2,000P
The team of the year with the highest profit 2,000P

Reward points—fun of accumulation

Indeed, cash rewards are popular. However, cash rewards may not be cherished and they are ineffective in stimulating people. Money is taken for granted. The points system is a reward system that can complement the disadvantages.

Many people participate in point collection programs of various airlines and e-business websites. The cash reward is a one-time concept, while a point system has the fun of accumulation. The point receivers are more likely to be loyal to the company that issues the points.

The members can exchange commodities with their points on our website and our price is lower than the price in the market. 100 points can exchange a commodity worth about 120 EUR.

Furthermore, the cash reward may be too small to extend the gratitude of the company. However, in a points system, even if the amount is not big, the gratitude can also be felt. It is not a simple assessment to the result but to the whole process. It is another major feature of the points system. (For specific cases, please click here)

Cash reward Commodity reward via points
Small amount cannot arouse gratitude Small amount can also bring happiness
The employee is likely to lose sense of gratitude to the company 【Fun of accumulation】 = (continuation)
100 EUR = 100 EUR of value 100P (equivalent to 100 EUR) can exchange a commodity worth 120 EUR
Good for assessing results and performance Good for assessing process

Various commodities for exchange

Our company prepares a large variety of different commodities for exchange. We offer quality services in high-end hotels, restaurants, spa & wellness areas mainly within Germany, but we are also expanding within the EU. Our system meets the individual demands of the employees and offers better dicount prices. It is more effective compared to the results a single company can achieve on its own. (For more information, please click here)

Reducing operation costs by entrusting outside clients

By using the system developed by our company, you can save the preliminary expense and maintenance cost for developing a system independently and achieve low-cost operation. We can also provide a complete service from system maintenance to purchasing exchange commodities which saves the administrative department the trouble for subsequent errands.


We can customize the point reward system according to the client’s needs. There are many options to reward the working process and the result of each employee. The web design as well as the name of the system and the points can also be customized.The whole process will look like it is all handled by the employer but in fact we are doing all the work in the background.

Besides, we also provide free consulting service with our rich experience for designing the point reward system. (Click here for more information)

The client sets up the budget

The expense of the reward points system has two parts: points payout and system use.

The points payout can be set up by the client according to its budget. The rights of points payout is set up by the administrator of the client so that the company can adjust to the points to be paid at any time. Our company only charges the issued points monthly.

Besides, the expense of the system use is divided into the preliminary expense in system introduction and the monthly fee of system use. If the annual volume of the total points used by the client exceeds a certain amount, we will exempt the preliminary expense and monthly system use fee. (Click here for more information)